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You want to be plugged into the mainframe and wired-in to the primary source of the Internet’s rawest, freshest, unpasteurized, most primal state.

What comes with the paid subscription?

  1. Mega Trends: These are things that can affect a society’s values and people’s core beliefs. They can also relate to aspects of the economy as a whole, like the level of inequality in society or basic demographic differences. Mega-trends have a very strong impact on how society behaves. However, these trends can move very slowly, consider them over a long period of time to see major changes.

  2. Trends: These normally affect attitudes, lifestyles, and basic buying behavior. Trends move more rapidly than mega-trends and can have significant impacts on the demand for a product or service.

  3. Sub-Trends: These are related to sentiment and consumption behavior. These sub-trends move even faster than trends and their change can be quite sudden.

  4. The Hill: These are very specific topics that I would rather die defending than let somebody change my mind, but by all means… shoot your shot.


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